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About Shawn (Owner)

  Shawn has been in the pet industry her whole life, from showing dogs, agility and dog training, working as a vet tech, animal shelter and cat sanctuary to fostering and rescuing animals, as well as helping with lost and found pets. She is a full time professional pet sitter, who is insured, bonded, first aid/cpr certified with 40+ years of pet experience and has an education in animal science and animal behavior. She founded Shawn's Pet Sitting in 1998 which she has enjoyed continuous business for over 20+ years. Renamed to Desert Whiskers Cat Sitting in 2022.

  Shawn is married to her husband of 25+ years and together they have two daughters. She is from Northern Illinois and moved to Arizona in 2003. Her pet family over the years has included many dog breeds including Afghan Hounds, Whippets, Shetland Sheepdogs and Australian Shepherds, and she has had many cats in her lifetime. Shawn's present pet family includes 2 cats, one cat rescued from a client that was going to put down for biting and one cat who she rescued off the street from being left behind when neighbors moved, a rescue bunny and has her own aquatic fish family.

  Shawn's love and passion for animals makes her the perfect fit for any pet who needs all the care they deserve while you are away from home. Her ultimate goal is to provide your pets with loving care as if they were her own and to give you and your pet the best experience without the worry!

Why Choose Desert Whiskers Cat Sitting?

Shawn has a concise list of the most valuable professional skills she possesses. Her tricks of the trade and what she can bring to the table makes Desert Whiskers Cat Sitting the best choice for your feline companions.

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